Farm Stands

Web Market Address City Type Hours Contact
cloud_off Zisko Turtle 1893 M Ave. Marengo, IA Permanant Tues: 11-3
cloud_off 155th Street Produce at Villisca Farmers Market 321 E 4th St (Town Square) Villisca, IA Moveable Sat: 9:00-11:00am
cloud_off Koenigs' Acres Farm 1510 110th St. Hampton, IA Permanant
cloud_off Koch Gardens 5143 T Ave Cherokee, IA Permanant Tues: 11-4:30
cloud_off Musil Gardens 6260 32nd. Ave. Shellsburg, IA Moveable
cloud_off DUG FarmStand 5085 Meredith Dr. Des Moines, IA Permanant
cloud_off Upstream Gardens 5987 NE 88th St Altoona, IA Permanant
cloud_off Hoffman Produce Farms 1011 Martin Rd Waterloo, IA Permanant Sat: 3-6
cloud_off Morning Glory 681 Highway 1 S Mt Vernon, IA Permanant Thurs: 4:00-6:00pm
cloud_off Garden of Life 21409 V Ave Reinbeck, IA Permanant Sun: 3-7
cloud_off Kathy's Produce Garden 404 NW C St. Dallas, IA Permanant
cloud_off Ryan Farm's 4707 160th Ave. Buffalo Center, IA Permanant
cloud_off Allen's Orchard 5801 N. 10th St. Marion, IA Permanant
cloud_off Hodge Greenhouse 2607 Monroe Ave. Logan, IA Permanant
cloud_off Steve's Sweet Corn 214 Plaza Ln. Osage, IA Permanant
cloud_off Pleasant Grove Homestead 5390 Barnes City Rd. Montezuma, IA Moveable
cloud_off Wakemans Produce 12993 Hwy 12 Akron, IA Moveable Sat: 8-12
cloud_off Rinehart’s Family Farm 703 Kale Rd. Boone, IA Permanant Sat: 8-12
cloud_off Greens to Go 1621 E 4th St (Jubilee United Methodist Church) Waterloo, IA Permanant Fri: 3:00-6:00pm
cloud_off The Cornucopia at the Sioux Center Farmers Market 251 N. Main Ave. (Centre Mall parking lot) Sioux Center, IA Moveable Wed: 7:00am-12:00pm
cloud_off 3 Bee Farms Market and Orchard 14922 535th St. (starting 9/5 open Tue & Wed. 10-5 & Thur 10-12) Griswold, IA Permanant
cloud_off 3 Bee Farms at Avoca Farmers Market 203 N Elm St. Avoca, IA Moveable Wed: 5-7
cloud_off 3 Bee Farms at Anita Farmers Market Walnut St & White Pole Rd. (Bandshell Park) Anita, IA Moveable Tues: 4:30-6:30 pm
cloud_off 3 Bee Farms at Treynor Farmers Market 11 W Main St (Community Center) Treynor, IA Moveable Tues: 5:00-7:00pm
cloud_off 3 Bee Farms at Creston Farmers Market 600 McKinley St. (McKinley Park) Creston, IA Moveable Mon: 4:00-6:30pm
cloud_off Fincel's Sweet Corn - JFK Location 351 John F Kennedy Rd Dubuque, IA Moveable
cloud_off Fincel's Sweet Corn - Farm & Fleet Location 2675 IA-32 Dubuque, IA Moveable
cloud_off Junge Produce 21000 Road L34 Underwood, IA Permanant
cloud_off Mairet Farms 4707 S Hwy 61 MUSCATINE, IA Permanant
cloud_off Mairet Farms' Dewitt Farmstand 1221 11th St Dewitt, IA Moveable
cloud_off Evelia Sosa's Farmstand 1544 2nd St. Webster City, IA Permanant
cloud_off Cooper Fields LLC Farmstand 22910 508th St. Centerville, IA Permanant Thurs: 3-5
cloud_off Dan's Produce 2060 290th St. Garner, IA Moveable
cloud_off Cedar Farm Creations 205 N Bunce Ave Calumet, IA Permanant
cloud_off Five Point Farm 2385 Norwalk Circle Oskaloosa, IA Permanant
cloud_off DeMoss Pumpkin Farm 51428 170th St. Ames, IA Permanant Wed: 12-6
cloud_off Peggy Young at Anamosa Farmers Market Main St & Scott S (next to Casey's) Anamosa, IA Moveable
cloud_off Brown's gardens 8204 Logan Ave. Waterloo, IA Permanant
cloud_off Reiff's Farmstand 1465 HWY 218 Floyd, IA Permanant
cloud_off Homemade by Theresa, Homegrown by Jim 1495 North Dr Ely, IA Moveable
cloud_off Grimm's Farm LLC at Heritage Square Market N. Downey St. & Main St. (Heritage Square) West Branch, IA Moveable Tues: 4:00-6:00pm
cloud_off Grimm's Farm LLC @ West Liberty Farmer's Market 300 block N. Spencer Str. West Liberty, IA Moveable Wed: 4:00-7:00pm
cloud_off Grimm's Farm LLC @ Tipton Farmer's Market 400 Cedar St. Tipton, IA Moveable Thurs: 4:00-6:00pm
cloud_off Wilbers Northside Market 1024 8th St. Boone, IA Permanant
cloud_off Apple Trails Family Orchard at the Paradise Farmer 207 N. Main St. (Courthouse Lawn) Leon, IA Moveable Thurs: 3:00-5:30pm
cloud_off Greene Goods Market 1608 Westwood Dr. Jefferson, IA Permanant
cloud_off Jannsen's Farmstand 1013 Rossville Rd (City Park Shelther) Waukon, IA Moveable Mon: 3:30-5:30pm
cloud_off Firehorse Trading Post 103 North Faucett St. Mount Union, IA Moveable Thurs: 5-7
cloud_off Danny Blair at the Iowa Falls Farmers Market Rocksylvania Ave. & Stevens St. (Estes Park) Iowa Falls, IA Moveable
cloud_off Bagge Strawberries 2029 170th St., Independence, IA Permanant
cloud_off Garden Charlie 1951 Highway 148 Gravity, IA Permanant
cloud_off Krueger Market 213 Wapello St. Mediapolis, IA Moveable
cloud_off Johnny's Produce 14164 CR G62 Wapello, IA Moveable
cloud_off Sundog Farm 5025 120th St NE Solon, IA Permanant
cloud_off Prairie's Edge 23224 Hwy 65 Hubbard, IA Permanant
cloud_off Puffer Roske Farms 10042 co rd s45 iowa falls, IA Permanant
cloud_off Appleberry Farm 2402 W Main St Marshalltown, IA Permanant
cloud_off Fiesta Foods at the Hartley Farmers Market 130 3rd St. NE Hartley, IA Permanant Thurs: 5:00-7:00pm
cloud_off Patrick Cory's Farmstand 15753 NE 72nd St Maxwell, IA Moveable
cloud_off Heirloom Acres 47334 100th St. Granville, IA Moveable
cloud_off Gardenland Nursery and Market 508 Emerald St Onawa, IA Permanant Sun: 10-4
cloud_off Butcher Creek Produce 4001 E Army Post Rd. (between SE 36th St & SE 45th St.) Des Moines, IA Permanant
cloud_off MmMmGOOD-hue Produce 3009 S23 Hwy Carlisle, IA Permanant
cloud_off Murphy's Veg. Stand 406 NW 7th Street Pocahontas, IA Permanant
cloud_off Kroul Farms 245 Hwy 1 S Mt. Vernon, IA Permanant
cloud_off Parmers Produce at Paradise Farmers Market NE 3rd St & NE Idaho St (Courthouse Lawn) Leon, IA Moveable Thurs: 3-5:30
cloud_off Linda Christensen at Graettinger Farmers Market 202 1/2 W Robins Rd Graettinger, IA Moveable Wed: 1-4
cloud_off M&M Gardens Hwy 175 & Fox Ave. Odebolt, IA Moveable Wed: 4-6
cloud_off Williams and Sons Orchards 220 County Line Rd. Runnells, IA Permanant
cloud_off Jim's Greenhouse 2407 280th St Montrose, IA Permanant
cloud_off White Fox Creek 1884 190th St Webster City, IA Permanant
cloud_off Straw Hat Farms of Marion County 307 E. Dewitt Pleasantville, IA Permanant
cloud_off Nims Garden 508 Pershing Rd Maquoketa, IA Permanant
cloud_off Tomato Bob's and Alley Greenhouse 2946 Hwy 218 Montrose, IA Permanant
cloud_off Vine and Dandy Produce 321 4th Ave. E. Albia, IA Permanant
cloud_off Wholesome Foods 4471 Timber Ave Lime Springs, IA Moveable
cloud_off Kiefer Farms 4881 Texas St Waterloo, IA Permanant
cloud_off Hinegardner Orchard 1348 295th St Montrose, IA Permanant
cloud_off Clark Farms Produce & Flowers 213 Springer Ave Columbus Junction, IA Moveable
cloud_off Schettler's Garden 16416 Kittyhawk Ave. Carroll, IA Permanant
cloud_off Zimmerman's Greenhouse & Produce 1105 Exeter Ave Alta Vista, IA Permanant
cloud_off Log Cabin Produce 3011 Mitchell Line Rd Orchard, IA Permanant
cloud_off Gene Davis Honey 806 N 3rd St Eddyville, IA Permanant
cloud_off Sunny Valley Vegetables 1825 E Army Post Rd. Des Moines, IA Permanant
cloud_off Spring Creek Gardens 302 Wright St Orchard, IA Permanant
cloud_off Lori's Veg Stand 805 3rd St Victor, IA Permanant
cloud_off Black's Heritage Farm 26156 530th Ave Ames, IA Moveable
cloud_off Farmer Ken's Produce 26701 Scott Park Rd Eldridge, IA Moveable
cloud_off Gardenland Nursery and Market 508 Emerald St Onawa, IA Permanant Sun: 10-4
cloud_off Amanda Keppler at Marquette Farmers Market 509 Hwy 18 (Driftless Area Wetland Center) Marquette, IA Moveable Fri: 4-7
cloud_off Amanda Keppler at Hwy 13 Farmers Market 24687 Hwy 13 (Fast Trak parking lot) Elkader, IA Moveable Sat: 9-1
cloud_off Busy Bee's, LLC 18995 Gunder Rd St Olaf, IA Permanant
cloud_off Northwest Postville Produce 450 Murdock St. Postville, IA Permanant Fri: 1-6
cloud_off Tom Looney at Postville Farmers Market 101 E Greene St. Postville, IA Moveable Thurs: 4-7
cloud_off Tom Looney at Hwy 13 Farmers Market 24687 Hwy 13 (Fast Trak parking lot) Elkader, IA Moveable Sat: 9-1
cloud_off Planet Jr Farming 21124 155th st Columbus Junction, IA Moveable
cloud_off Sonshine Farms at Roland Farmers Market 110 N Main St (Behind Caseys) Rolan, IA Moveable Thurs: 5-7
cloud_off Sonshine Farms at Jewell Farmers Market 622 Main St Jewell, IA Moveable Sat: 9-12
cloud_off Dwight Evers at the Soldier Farmers Market 1st St. & Oak St. Soldier, IA Moveable Wed: 4:30-6:30
cloud_off Paul Jepsen at Green Farmers Market 113 S 2nd St. Greene, IA Moveable Tues: 4-6
cloud_off Cooper Fields LLC at Centerville Farmers Market on 201 N. 12th St. Centerville, IA Moveable Sat: 10-12
cloud_off Kittleson Brothers 15604 410th St 15604 410th St., IA Permanant
cloud_off Sue's Country Garden 46288 Hwy 6 Oakland, IA Moveable
cloud_off Mary Crotty at Pocahontas Farmers Market 14 South Main St. Pocahontas, IA Moveable Wed: 4-6
cloud_off Merry Crotty at the Laurens Farmers Market 116 Hwy 10 Laurens, IA Moveable Fri: 10-12
cloud_off Deal's Orchard 1102 244th St. Jefferson, IA Permanant
cloud_off Annie's Acres 30327 Mill Creek Rd. Bellevue, IA Permanant
cloud_off Debbie Oulman at Riceville Farmers Market 203 Main St. (closed 8/5) Riceville, IA Permanant Sat: 9-11