Iowa Dept of Agriculture & Land Stewardship
Drive Up Commercial Pesticide Applicator Exam Sign-up Form

During the Exam:

  1. Only registered testers are permitted to enter the test site. One tester per vehicle. Late arrivals will be asked to reschedule. Exam sessions are non-transferrable to other persons.
  2. All examinees must be able to drive and park their vehicles at the exam site. This may include backing into a parking space. IDALS is unable to accommodate drop-off examinees at this time. No drop-off or walk-in examines will be permitted at the test site.
  3. There will be no restroom facilities available at the testing site. It is recommended that examinees utilize restroom facilities before entering the exam site. If someone needs to leave to use the restroom, the individual will need to end the exam session and turn materials into the proctor for grading.
  4. Examinees will need to agree to abide by social distancing guidelines of maintaining a 6-ft distance between persons while at the exam site.
  5. There will be no smoking in their vehicle while taking the exam.
  6. No notes, manuals or other assistance is allowed during testing. Pencils, calculators and masks will not be provided.
  7. The tester will place their cell phone(s), study materials, calculators, smart phones, smart watches, and any other test aids on the dashboard of their car and leave these items there for the entire exam period.
  8. At no time during the examination period can the applicant leave the confines of their vehicle.

With any perceived violation of the above guidelines, the exam will be discarded, the exam will be scored as a fail and the examinee will not be rescheduled for any additional exams until after the IDALS works through its exam backlog. The applicant may also be suspended from taking exams for a period of 1 year.

Missing exams, exam pages or answer sheets will result in an incomplete score and a bar from retesting at the drive up exam sites. Cheating or unauthorized assistance will result in a 1 year bar from all testing.

Notice: This form must be filled out by the Examinee. DOB must be accurate.

All commercial certifications require one of the following (80% passing):

  1. Passing the Handler exam.
  2. Passing the Full Aerial exam – 11(full).
  3. Passing the Core plus at least one passing Category 1 - 10.
  4. The 11(reciprocal) requires also passing the Core/1A/1B/1C.

Prepare for the Exam:

  1. Registration is limited to one time slot at this time.
  2. Bring a basic calculator and a pencil.
  3. A mask is required.
  4. Bring a government-issued photo ID.
  5. Study the exam manual.

After the Exam:
Testers will be provided with exam results via email. Do not call or email the office requesting exam results as it will result in delays.

Exam study manuals can be purchased here:

The private exam is available online. Registration is at:

The Self-Service Portal to pay online for your pesticide certification is at (requires completed exams):

More information on testing and training can be found on the Pesticide Bureau website at: